Newborn Care Specialist Association

The NCSA was founded in 2006 as the Industry Association and Certification Entity for Newborn Care Specialists, Newborn Nannies and Infant Sleep Consultants.


Do you need a Newborn Care Specialist?

We are here to help you find the best possible help and care for those wonderful but often overwhelming first few months with your newborn.  We offer a free service to help connect you with the best Newborn Care Specialist for your family.

Please email – lanoitanretni.ascn@tcatnoc


Do I need Certification?

Certification is your industry association verification that you have the qualifications, experience, knowledge and professionalism to care for newborns at the highest standard.  We make it easy for families and other professionals to rely on the knowledge that your hours of NCS experience, your background check and references are up to date and verified.

Membership & Certification

NCSA Core Certification.    Advanced Certification Dual Certifications        Infant Sleep Consultant Newborn Nanny 

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Training & Continuing Education

Only the highest quality training academies and educators are approved by the NCSA towards Certification.

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Resources for Parents & Agencies

Understanding the importance of hiring high quality care for families

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Open Heart Project

Scholarships for NCS Foundational Training
Support for families in need 

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NCSA Mentorship Program to match interns with experienced NCS’s in the first year of their career.